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Wouter Lauwers

Wouter Lauwers

I love to help clients and come up with real solutions. In the past 20 years, my interest in law and its practical implementation has never ceased to grow.

How can I help ?

When approached by a client (to be), I will involve our team’s best lawyer and/or tailor the best team of lawyers to advise our client. Not only in my areas of expertise but also in my capacity as a senior partner I closely follow up our deliverables as well as the timing involved.

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More about me

It comes as no surprise that as a lawyer I am fascinated by and passionate about history and philosophy and I am an avid reader. I like skiing and snowboarding and taking long walks on well-tended lawns.

Education & qualification

  • Master in company law, KU Leuven & KU Brussel, 1998
  • Master of Law, KU Leuven, 1995
  • Several publications in my fields of expertise; several lectures

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